Not all classes are currently running.  Please contact me if you require further info and follow me on Facebook for the latest updates. (26th Apr 2022)


I try to make all my classes relaxed and informal.  Few of us have the skeletons to achieve the pretzel like postures on Instagram or in magazines but Yoga is much more than physical postures and I hope to encourage you on your path to self discovery.



1:1 sessions are completely tailored to your needs, whether you're new to yoga, returning to practice or wanting to develop an aspect of your practice physical or philosophical. A course of 4 to 6 sessions is recommended in order to gauge progress. Sessions are usually taught at my yoga space but other arrangements can be made.

Practicing Yoga


My Hatha classes have a different focus each week and are a mix of physical postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and relaxation and are suitable for most levels of experience as I give options to vary the poses to make them as accessible as possible or as challenging as you want for your unique body. Bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing that's not too loose but allows you to move and stretch without becoming indecent! Make sure not to eat a large meal for a couple of hours before class and be well hydrated as drinking during a physical yoga practice is discouraged, with medical exceptions of course.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga


This class is suitable from 12-14 weeks into pregnancy, many mums-to-be like to wait until they've had their 12 week scan before joining.  We practice adapted, safe for pregnancy postures to gently stretch and strengthen the body in preparation for birth and beyond.  We will also explore breathing techniques to calm and soothe the mind; useful for birth (for mums and dads!) and can also help relax you when baby is here. At the end of class is a relaxation/visualisation.  Bring a mat, blanket and small pillow and some water.  Class is a great way to meet other local mums-to-be, many form WhatsApp groups to keep in touch and lend each other support.

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby


This class is suitable from 6-8 weeks post birth if pregnancy and delivery have been straightforward, 8-10 weeks if delivery was assisted or c-section or if any health issues since birth.  Mums practice yoga postures to enable reconnection and correct engagement between the breath, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Babies enjoy gentle moves to aid digestion, sleep and development of gross motor skills while bonding with mum.  Bring a mat for yourself and a blanket for baby to lie on in front of you and anything else you need for you both to be comfortable.  You feed, change and cuddle baby as needed and don't worry if bub is grumpy, everyone is in the same boat!  A great way for new mums to support each other.



Yin Yoga was developed in the 1990s by Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. I have taken several trainings with Paul's senior assistant Jo Phee, and follow Paul's functional rather than alignment method.  Yin poses tend to be floor based and aim to relax the muscles to allow target stress to the joint capsule, thus over time subtly increasing flexibility. It can be challenging to the mind as well as the body as the shapes are held for several minutes, but well worth it! I also incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian theory, acupressure points to balance the body's energy and myofascial release to eliminate muscle tension. YinYang flow class will start with yin shapes and then add a yang flow as devised by Paul Grilley to give a complete balanced practice. Class description for the day, whether full Yin, AcuYin, MyoYin or YinYang Flow, will be shown on the schedule.

Lotus Pose


Yoga Nidra was originally used to describe a state of mind but is now used as a way of attaining deep relaxation to allow the mind an opportunity for enquiry, to heal emotionally or maybe just rest!  You are best to have (but not essential) a mat, blanket or two, eye pillow and wear comfortable warm clothes and probably socks.  There is no physical movement practice so it's important to be comfortably warm as you will be lying on the floor for 30-40 minutes while I guide you into a deep relaxation and hold the space for you to fully experience whatever you need. Please note this is not hypnosis, you are entirely in control of your thoughts at all times.  Yoga Nidra is wonderful as a 1:1 session as we work together to find the best relaxation script for you.


Just wanted to say many thanks for last night’s yoga.  I worked really hard but felt great at the end.  What you devise is a magical mixture and even though I sometimes hear myself cry “Oh no!” I carry on following what to do and find it’s worth it.  So thank you for inspiring me.