My first yoga class was in my local village hall when we were living in the Cotswolds, having been persuaded to give it a go by a neighbour.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I certainly didn't expect it to change my life!  As we moved through a sequence of postures and breath work I could feel myself calm.  I enjoyed the sensation of moving my body in ways it hadn't moved for years, it felt natural...it felt like coming home.

Despite that, my practice didn't become really regular until moving to Aberdeen in 2009.  I started going to classes with an inspiring local teacher, Karina Stewart of Pink Lotus Yoga, and when she began to offer teacher training I signed up to just further my knowledge.  As part of passing the course we had to teach (shouldn't have been surprising, it was a teacher training course!) and I found I absolutely love encouraging and guiding others to find the way of practising that suits them and their unique body, to celebrate and find the joy in that.

Since qualifying I've continued to study, I love delving into books on yoga philosophy and how this can be applied to life...yoga is not just what happens on the mat.  I've taken further trainings specialising in yoga for pregnancy, post natal yoga and for fertility, several teacher trainings in yin yoga and recently in yoga nidra.  I'm learning about acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine and how these can be incorporated into practice.  I've practised and been to workshops with some amazing UK and international teachers but I learn so much from the wonderful students who come to class.

I feel truly blessed to be able to share the love of Yoga and so grateful to the neighbour who took me to my first class!

Bliss. Elaine delivers her classes with calm and reassuring knowledge. Food for the soul. 🙏